Set a Goal to Get In Better Shape Over The Holidays?

What would happen if you decided that it was not an all or nothing proposition and that you could enjoy the holidays and all it has to offer and get in better shape at the same time?

And what if you decided that your health and your body were the highest priorities in your life, because you realized that you can’t enjoy anything else in life, including family


or holidays, if you don’t have your health?

Here’s what would happen: You’d get in better shape!

With the holiday season upon us I bet you thought we’d give you a break…you were wrong! Keeping healthy is a year round process and we’re here to keep you motivated.

Christmas isn’t just about fun, food and parties. It can be a time of stress, slack dieting and exercise, and weight gain, sooooo…..

We have a health and fitness challenge for you to jump-start your holiday season and get/keep you in shape before the new year.

 Three new targeted workouts each week to add to your Circuit, designed to have easy and advanced options to help you work towards your personal goal, whether that’s losing weight, gaining muscle or just staying active.


Never been here before and don’t know if you’d like it…..let us make it easy for you! Just ask for the newbie price

~ $30.00 for 30 days ~