30 Day Challenge

oooWith the holiday season upon us I bet you thought we’d give you a break…you were wrong! Keeping healthy is a year round process and we’re here to keep you motivated.Here is a FREE health and fitness challenge for you to jump-start your holiday season and get/keep you in shape before the New year.

 With targeted workouts and additional health and wellness ideas there is plenty here to keep everyone motivated and feeling great through the holidays.

This Challenge is open to anyone but if you want to WIN some cash…….you must purchase a Circuit membership or monthly pass and pay $10 bucks to play! Complete as many challenges as you can through December (the day or order you do them in doesn’t matter)and the person with the most points wins the pot!

Everyone who participates will be entered to win a Circuit membership!

Download your copy here 30 day December Challenge

Committed to your health,



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