– Welcome to The Circuit –

A motivating and supportive environment encouraging women of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy and celebrate their fitness journey.

The Circuit for Women is located in beautiful Nelson, British Columbia and is much more than just a place to work out – it is a growing community of wonderful women who believe that going to the gym should always be:

Warm, welcoming, fun, engaging, personal, personalized, celebratory, enjoyable, encouraging, multi-generational & supportive

And that it should never be:

Scary, intimidating, condescending, negative, shaming, pressuring, anxious, mean, overwhelming, antisocial, ageist, sexist, harassing, or rude.  Ugh!

All women of all ages and fitness levels are welcome at The Circuit.  We want to meet you, help you, and celebrate your health and wellness achievements with you. Why?

Because we believe that every women deserves to feel great about herself.


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